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The moment we have all been waiting for is finally here! Our pre-season case has arrived and it's quite soda-licious! Players, please have a read through of the case to learn about your first challenge. Within, you will find more in-depth details about the case itself and instructions for deliverables.


Please note that you are to compete either individually or or in a team of two.

YOUR CHALLENGE: Create a solution assuming the role of a brand manager for 7UP.

FORMAT: Submissions will be accepted in the form of a recorded video ONLY - no more than three (3) minutes. Content matters but so does creativity!

DEADLINE: Your submissions must be uploaded by January 23rd, 2022, no later than

11:59 PM EST. More details to follow.

The winner gets $20,000! Good luck! 

See you at the top!



Submission Portal

Regulations & Guidelines

Case Success Kit

Academic Package & Student Package

Cheer UP with 7UP

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